Electronic Access Control

Did you know, that one of the most effective ways of securing your building is with Electronic access?

The inconvenience of changing locks becomes a thing of the past with electronic access.

To allow access through controlled doors, small tokens are issued out. The amazing thing is that all of these tokens can easily be barred or reprogrammed at any time. You may want to do this if, someone leaves the company, but does not return their token or if it perhaps gets stolen or lost.

Guard Your Property against Unauthorised Access

There maybe a particular occasion when you would like to restrict access to your company premises based on the time and day.

For example, if your company has commercial cleaners that need access to service your property on certain days of the week, there would be no reason to distribute a token that will work at any other time. Restricting access to the building at your desired days and times is very easy to do with an electronic access system.

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