Intruder Alarms & CCTV

In the past year, statistics have shown there were a total of 32,000 burglaries (commercial and residential combined) in London. Accordingly, it has also been reported that properties containing Intruder Alarms tend to be avoided by Burglars. They discourage burglars and can offer you 24/7 protection.

Axedge Electrical can provide cost effective solutions to protect your home or office from the perimeters of your property through to internal rooms. We design, install and fully support a wide range of CCTV and intelligent security systems for both commercial and residential properties.

Installer Alarm Service:

We can install a wide range of intruder alarms depending on your needs. Whether you want it across your whole property, or covering specific areas, we will assess your property and install the intruder alarms based on your safety requirements.

Intruder Alarm Repair Service

Along with installation, we also do regular repairs. If your alarm is not functioning, our team of electricians are there to repair any form of damage ensuring your property is safe at all times.

Our solutions provide you with complete peace of mind that your property is protected while you are home or away.

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All estimates are provided free of charge. If the work requires us to employ or consult a specialist, we will discuss any costs with you and ensure you are happy with the chosen expert and their service.

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