Automated Gates Fitting & Maintenance

Electronic swing and sliding gates are not only convenient to have but are also a great addition for security purposes. With that being said, they can be relatively high maintenance. This is usually due to incompetent installation services which then require constant repairs. Issues that arise with these gates can range from losing ability to operate smoothly due to faulty electrical wiring through to issues with the battery. Regardless of the gate type, our professional team of electricians have extensive experience working in the industry and are among the best.

We inspect, assess and provide the most competitive electric fault gate repairs. Regardless of how small or big the repair, we can do it. We specialise in the correction of wiring and repair for automation kits installed in your electric gates. In case of replacement or touch ups we use came safe and gate safe certified automated products which will ensure smooth operation and reduce the need for future electrical faults gate repairs.

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